5 Best Vacuum Beard Trimmer (tested)

Hey! We use electronic grooming tools to make life simple and time-saving. Unexpectedly, the best beard trimmer for close shave wastes a lot of time. We might trim or shave within a few minutes, but cleaning up the mess is tiring and time-consuming.

To make life easier, beard companies have built beard trimmers with vacuum that sucks the tiny hairs before it lies on the floor and create a mess.

Choosing the best vacuum beard trimmer can be confusing, so we have listed some of the best ones so you can pick your favorite within minutes.

5 Best beard trimmers with vacuum overview:

Our pick




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Remington vacuum trimmer

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Philips vacuum trimmer

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Vacutrim vacuum trimmer


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Stainless steel

Vacuum power








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What is a vacuum beard trimmer?

Like other beard trimmers, vacuum beard trimmers help to groom or maintain beards, sideburns, and mustache.

best vacuum beard trimmer used by man

The thing which makes it different is the inbuilt vacuum suction that sucks up the tiny hair particles while grooming.

The vacuum beard trimmer is a convenient option for minimizing the mess and cleaning time.

The vacuum chamber helps to collect the loose hair and prevent it from scattering over the sink or countertop.

In addition, the vacuum beard trimmer has a similar operation to another trimmer. It has adjustable settings for beard length, rechargeable batteries for a cordless experience, and attachments for styling.

What to look for in a vacuum beard trimmer?

While choosing a beard trimmer with a vacuum, you must consider several factors to get the best beard vacuum trimmer according to your grooming needs and preferences.

Here are some key aspects to consider when selecting a vacuum beard trimmer:


When choosing the best beard vacuum trimmer, the blade material is crucial. Blades are the main element of any trimmer. You must go with the best material. I recommend using stainless steel blades.

Stainless steels are durable, hypoallergenic, and hold an edge, giving you a precise cutting experience.

The best part is no rusting takes a seat, even after many uses, making it last longer. Also, steel does not react with your skin, preventing allergies, rashes, or infections.

In addition, make sure the blades are removable so you can easily clean under the faucet.

Adjustable length settings

The adjustable length setting option is mandatory in the vacuum beard trimmer because you do not purchase it for a single purpose. You might want to use it for beards, sideburns, mustache, hair, or other purpose. 

Try the trimmer with an adjustable length setting to achieve various styling looks and purposes.


The motor is the core in trimmers, shavers, or electric grooming tools. If your trimmer is equipped with a strong motor, the chances of its durability increase. 

There are usually three types of motor: rotary, magnetic, or pivot in trimmers or clippers. The magnetic motor provides high-speed performance and precise cutting and detailing. 

The pivot motor is the quietest and is suitable for thick beards. Rotatary is the most powerful motor with multiple speed options, slower blade speed, and higher torque.

You can choose any one kind of motor according to your needs.

Vacuum power:

When you buy a vacuum beard trimmer, you must know the exact suction power. The trimmer must suck at least 95% of hair cut in one go.

The higher the suction power of the trimmer, the lesser the mess. 


Every trimmer comes with some accessories, while some may have few. Do not focus only on accessories. However, nobody hates free stuff, but you need to focus on the quality tools rather than free bees.

Try that your trimmer has some adjustable heads, a cleaning brush or lubricating oils, a travel case, and combs if possible.

Corded or cordless:

Well, it is a personal choice. If you are a traveler and are always in a rush, you may need a cordless one, as some people hate charging in between grooming due to battery discharge. 

While having a cordless vacuum trimmer, ensure the brand uses a lithium battery that lasts at least 100 minutes after charging, or it will become a headache.

People who love corded ones ensure the cord’s length is long enough to groom everywhere.


A good vacuum trimmer ranges from $30-$90. Going for too-cheap ones may end up getting nonfunctional soon.

 I recommend investing once in a good quality vacuum trimmer rather than investing many times in other options.

You can go with the Remington series. Remington is a good brand within range.

Trimmer builds material and ergonomics:

A trimmer’s build material, weight, hold, and length are crucial considerations when purchasing. 

You need to hold the trimmer for at least 5-10 minutes for grooming. If your trimmer is large, heavy, and has an uncomfortable grip, even a branded trimmer is a waste because grooming in comfort matters the most.

Go for the lighter-weight, compact, and holdable vacuum trimmer.

Top 5 best vacuum beard trimmers reviews

I have reviewed the top 5 best vacuum beard trimmers after using them for a while. I have highlighted the pros and cons along with the details, so go through them before deciding on the one for yourself.

Remington Vacuum Beard Trimmer

remington vacuum beard trimmer details

Over the years, I have gone through many trimmers, but the quality or precision Remington offers matches no brands.

Remington offers one of the best vacuum beard trimmers with a suction capacity of 95%. It sucks ups all the hair particles in the chamber within a few seconds after you trim. 

The collecting chamber is large compared to other vacuum beard trimmers, so it collects more. You can remove the vacuum chamber and clean it easily and fast.

The stainless steel self-sharpening blades give precise trimming and detailing on beards, sideburns, mustache, and neckline. 

The best part is they are removable and can be cleaned under the faucet and stay sharp after every use, giving better performance.

Remington provides one adjustable head with 11 length settings ranging from 2-18mm. You can make any beard style using those settings.

At last, the lithium battery provides 90 minutes of continuous trimming experience if using cordless mode. You can also use the Remington vacuum beard trimmer with a plug-in feature.

  • Powerful vacuum system
  • Removable blades and vacuum chamber
  • Cord/cordless function
  • Precision trimming
  • Quality blades
  • No additional accessories
  • The trimmer body and chamber are large, making it unsuitable for short beards.

Philips Norelco vacuum beard trimmer series 7300

Philips norelco beard vacuum trimmer

Philips has always been a reliable brand, whether it is about vacuum trimmers or other electric tools or devices.

We included the Philips Norelco vacuum beard trimmer here as it is the premium option for stubble and tough beards.

The integrated vacuum chamber sucks up to 90% of the hair particles during grooming, leaving you with a great look and clean sink.

The Philips vacuum trimmer offers 18-length settings ranging from 1mm to 18 mm with an adjustable wheel to lock the selection.

This trimmer is best for a five o’clock shadow as it can trim up to 1mm. The adjustable comb glides with your face curves, giving more precise trimming.

Philips Norelco 7300 series has a multifunctional display and turbo button to speed up the fan or cutting. Just press the button to trim thicker hair in a few glides.

You can use this vacuum beard trimmer in both cord or cordless ways. It gives 75 minutes of trimming experience for 1 hour of charging a lithium-ion battery. You can check the battery levels on the display.

  • Powerful vacuum system
  • Multifunctional display for battery life/ length setting
  • Adjustable comb setting
  • Best for stubble 
  • Cord/cordless function
  • The vacuum chamber is small. So it may get clogged.
  • The adjustable comb may hurt.

Remington Vacuum Haircut Kit, Vacuum Beard Trimmer

Remington vacuum hair kit detail

The Remington vacuum haircut kit is one of my favorites. It is an 18-piece kit including scissors, length-adjusting combs, cleaning brushes, lubricating oils, hair sectional clips, a hair comb, and a pouch.

The powerful vacuum suction has a high-velocity fan that cleans up to 90% of hair particles while trimming or cutting. It has a large chamber that collects all the hair without getting clogged. 

The dual motor gives energy to precision hair clippers and vacuum suction to clean the entire mess. It is one of the best kits if you are looking for a haircut or thick beard trimming.

Remington vacuum haircut kit comes with self-sharpening blades and is made up of titanium steel and a removable system for easy cleaning. The blades stay sharp through every use. It only needs proper oiling to enhance performance.

The only thing that disappoints is its corded mode. One needs a power socket to operate it, which is unsuitable for traveling.

  • 90% vacuum suction capacity
  • Removable hair chamber
  • Various guards provided
  • Precision ground blades
  • Dual motor power
  • Quite a loud trimmer
  • No cordless function
  • Large in size

Vacutrim Cordless Men Beard Trimmer

vacutrim vacuum beard trimmer detail

Vacutrim cordless men’s beard trimmer by Bell+Howell is an all-in-one solution for trimming or detailing beards, sideburns, mustache, body hair, and goatee.

The built-in vacuum helps to collect all the hair particles in the chamber without messing up the sink. You can dispose of the hair by disassembling the chamber.

It has stainless steel blades that work incredibly during trimming for the long run. They provide precise trimming and protect against nicks and cuts.

The feature that makes it different from other vacuum trimmers is the trimming length dial, where you can set 20 different length settings and achieve your desired look.

Vacutrim beard trimmer comes with two comb attachments, a charging cable with a home adaptor, a cleaning brush, and lubrication oil.

It is a portable 7.5″ long, cordless, and travel-friendly trimmer. It gives a 90-minute trimming experience after charging.

  • Precise trimming
  • Portable, lightweight
  • Sucks big long beards easily
  • Strong blades yet gentle
  • The Shaver’s head is quite big
  • No corded connection is available

YUYTE Hair Trimmer USB Vacuum Trimmer Kit

Yuyte beard trimmer with vacuum detail

Yuyte vacuum beard trimmer kit is suitable for hair, facial hair trimming, and shaving. It’s an all-in-one trimmer kit.

The brand Yuyte offers an automatic suction chamber with high-speed fans that suck all the hair without stinging. You can clean the chamber filled with hair without messing up the sink.

Yuyte beard trimmer has a double head with curved edges, which provides fast, precise trimming or shaving with safety.

It is a 5-piece compact kit that contains 4 Guide combs, a cleaning brush, lubrication oil, and a USB cable for charging.

The charging mechanism is quite intelligent and prevents overcharging or discharging. It gives 120 minutes of run time for 90 minutes of charge. 

Unfortunately, it has no corded connection available for trimming.

  • Travel-friendly
  • It comes with a safety head.
  • Automatic suction chamber
  • Suitable for hair, beards
  • You may need to trim the same area more than once.
  • Quite louder 

How to use a vacuum trimmer?

Using the beard trimmer with a vacuum is as simple as using any other trimmer. Here are the following steps you can follow to prevent any mess.

man using vacuum trimmer

Charge the trimmer

If you use the cordless trimmer, you may get disappointed when it gets discharged between your grooming sessions.

Keep your vacuum trimmer fully charged to prevent any compromise in your look.

Adjust the length setting:

Length setting can make or break your entire look. People usually underestimate its function, but I recommend choosing your adjusting comb wisely before trimming.

Start trimming

Start the trimmer and check the vacuum suction is on to prevent any mess on the sink and the grooming area, as it can suck up to 95% of the hair particles.

Start trimming your sideburns, trim in the direction they grow, and merge them with your beards seamlessly. You can also shape them using tools.

Now, using the edge of the trimmer, make a clean line along with the cheek line. Trim in the direction in which the beard grows. Do not go against the grains. It may result in redness or rashes. 

Gently press the trimmer and stroke in the direction of the grain. For fading, change the comb setting in ascending order.

Clean and moisturize

After trimming, dust the remaining hair from your neck or shoulder. Now, apply any unscented beard oil to prevent any reaction.

Beard oil will moisturize the beard area and the skin underneath, preventing frizz and dryness.

Empty the vacuum chamber:

Now empty the vacuum chamber on a tissue using the cleaning brush. Do not directly throw hair on the dustbin or sink. Wrap it in a tissue and then dump it.

Rinse the blades and dry them:

If your vacuum beard trimmer has removable blades, disassemble it and rinse it under the faucet, dry and apply lubricating oil for durability.

If not, try to clean the hair particles using a cleaning brush, wipe it with a face wipe, and apply oil.

Why do you need a beard vacuum trimmer?

Having a regular beard trimmer experience can never give you a feeling of ease during grooming. On the other hand, a vacuum beard trimmer can make your living easy by reducing the cleaning mess.

There are some reasons why you must switch to the best beard vacuum trimmer:

Saves time

A beard vacuum trimmer saves you time in many ways. First and most important is it stores the hair particles in the chamber, so you do not need to clean it after trimming.

Second, vacuum trimmers have strong motors that reduce overall time consumption. It lets the blades and fans of the trimmer work fast.

It usually has both cord and cordless functions. You do not need to worry if you are traveling or in a rush. You can complete the grooming in a few minutes according to your convenience.

No mess

As we already discussed, a beard trimmer with a vacuum helps to suck the hair particles up to 90-95%, which means you do not need to clean the area or sink after trimming.

It creates zero mess.


The Beard vacuum trimmer is lightweight and compact in design. The brand usually thinks vacuum trimmers must be travel-friendly and can be used everywhere without mess, so they design it that way. 

Easy to use

The function of using a vacuum beard trimmer is as simple as any other regular trimmer. The only difference is the vacuum chamber that collects the hair and lets you know when to clean it, making your process easy.

Maintenance and cleaning tips

To ensure your vacuum trimmer lasts as long as possible and performs at its best, cleaning and maintenance are just as important as correct use. Here are some general vacuum trimmer maintenance and cleaning guidelines:

  • Go through the user manual: Read the user handbook included with your trimmer first. It has detailed instructions on how to maintain and clean your model.
  • Turn Off and Unplug: To prevent mishaps, ensure the trimmer is turned off and unplugged before cleaning or maintenance.
  • Empty the Hair Chamber: After every use or whenever it fills up, clean the hair chamber routinely. Ensure no hair particles get stuck, or it will clog the function.
  • Clean the Blades: Switch off the trimmer and brush off any hair from the blades using the cleaning brush that comes with it. It guarantees a smooth trimming experience and helps prevent clogging. Some trimmers allow you to clean them under the faucet.
  • Oil the Blades: Blades oiling is necessary to keep the blades sharp and operating. Use the lubricating oil that comes with the trimmer kit.
  • Examine for Strain and Wear: Check the trimmer regularly for indications of wear and tear, such as frayed cables or broken housing. Contact the manufacturer for replacements or repairs if you find any problems.
  • Store Correctly: Keep your trimmer in a cool, dry place when not in use. It should not be left in moist or humid conditions as it might cause damage and corrosion.
  • Handle with Care: If your trimmer is cordless, make sure you charge it according to the instructions provided in the manual. Overdischarge has the potential to shorten battery life.
  • Speak with the Manufacturer: Please don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the manufacturer’s customer service if you run into any problems or have particular queries about maintenance.

You can ensure effective and enjoyable grooming experiences by keeping your vacuum trimmer in good working order by adhering to these maintenance and cleaning guidelines. 

That’s a wrap:

In conclusion, selecting the best beard vacuum trimmer can significantly enhance your grooming routine, providing a clean and hassle-free experience. 

When choosing the right beard vacuum trimmer for you, consider factors such as battery life, adjustable settings, ease of maintenance, and the efficiency of the vacuum system.

Whether you’re a grooming enthusiast or seeking a time-saving solution for maintaining facial hair, the best beard vacuum trimmers on the market offer a blend of functionality, innovation, and ease of use. 


Do beard trimmers with vacuums work?

Yes, vacuum-equipped beard trimmers efficiently gather and trap clipped hair, minimizing clutter. For a more hygienic grooming experience, they are worthwhile. Although they are not for a close shave, vacuum trimmers work great for keeping beards long. They provide hassle-free grooming and are an efficient and practical option because of their integrated vacuum systems.

Are vacuum trimmers worth it?

Yes, vacuum trimmers are worth it for many users.They minimize clutter and streamline cleanup by effectively capturing and containing clipped hair. They are a sensible option for people who value neat grooming and wish to save time on post-trim care because of this extra convenience.

Can you shave with a vacuum trim?

Although vacuum beard trimmers are for trimming rather than close shaving, some users may utilize it to achieve a short, stubbled look. However, I recommend to use conventional razors or specialized electric shavers made for a closer cut for a smooth shave.

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