How to prevent Beard Split-Ends naturally? 2024

Giving tremendous hours of effort to get those fuller, healthier beards and achieving them in a year is the most astonishing time for a man. 

Unfortunately, with those lustrous beards, problems come with no rings.

Beard dandruff, dryness, and beard split-ends are some of them.

Everyone is aware of what split ends look like. These are nothing but the splitting of hair ends due to dryness and brittleness of the beard. It resembles an unraveled rope.

Beard split-ends may occur due to extreme weather conditions, harsh grooming tools, chemical-based products, sun exposure, and poor diet. 

The only way to prevent beard split-ends is by conditioning hair from roots to tips. For which you may use beard oils, balms, and serums.

Also, vitamins play a crucial role in beard growth with proper grooming techniques using minimal natural tools like wooden beard combs.

In addition, avoid frequent use of heating tools and sun exposure as excessive heat and harsh weather conditions can also cause beard split ends.

You can also use heat protectant sprays before using any heating tool. They work as a shield and prevent hair damage.

What causes Beard split-ends?

To prevent beard split-ends from returning, you must understand why they happen before finding a solution.

decorative image beard split ends

I have listed a few causes of beard split ends. Try to figure out which one is the real cause of having split ends in your beard.

Improper diet

We are in an era where we want shortcuts for every little thing. We are ready to put anything on our face to reverse beard split ends but forget the actual cause, the nutrition deficiency.

A protein called keratin is a building block of hair. Since we have low protein or improper diets, hair becomes brittle, dry, and falls off.

So try to enrich yourself with protein diets. Add yogurt, eggs, milk, meat, lentil, legumes, and more to your daily diet. 

Using harsh products

So here I am talking about the beard care products and the heating tools we regularly use that are causing split ends in the beard.

Blow dryers/ beard straighteners/ combs:

There is nothing wrong with using these tools, but without any precautions, you may lose your hair due to heat.

A blow dryer is a tool that you may use daily after bathing. But unfortunately, blow dryer strip away natural sebum released from the skin and causes dryness and split ends.

So if you still want to continue using blow dryers, go with the blow dryers with minimal heat settings so that it will not damage your beards.

Even after purchasing a branded blow dryer, use them in limit and follow it by deep conditioning with beard oils and balms.

For beard straighteners, I would say do not use them regularly and apply heat protection spray before straightening your beard.

Before using beard straighteners, follow the instruction guide first.

Combs is the most underrated tool in the beard care industry, but once you know their importance, you will stick to them till the end.

Daily combing is crucial for healthy beard growth, but doing it excessively with any regular plastic comb can cause split ends in the beard.

Wooden beard combs can save you from getting into a dull, dry, and brittle beard. Also, they prevent split-ends and static production.

Shampoos and dye:

Firstly, never use hair shampoo and dyes on your facial hair. The hair on the scalp and the on the face is way different.

You can know how hair dyes can impact your beard if you use them.

Second, never go with chemical-based products that have sulfates, paraben, SLS, alcohol, or artificial fragrances in them. You might have seen these in most branded products.

But trust me, an organic, natural beard care product is better than those expensive branded products.

I am not saying to stop using beard washes, shampoos, and dyes but choose them wisely.

Improper grooming/no maintenance

Like our skin needs care, beards too. As our beards grow, we nurture them, care for them, and follow the regimen, but once the look is achieved, we stop caring.

Few of us have not used any nourishing products or similar products that we use on our heads.

This lack of vigilance is one of the reasons behind beard split ends.

It is crucial to follow a proper beard care routine and use the best beard balms and beard oils for a nourished beard without split ends.

Too much sun exposure

Prolonged exposure to the sun can be one of the reasons for beard split ends.

The UVA and UVB rays can damage the hair cuticles and result in hair discoloration, brittleness, frizziness, split ends, and thinning.

To avoid the excessive sun, try to go out during the morning or night, but it is not always possible.

You can also cover your beard with a mask, and do not forget to use sunscreen with high SPF.


The surrounding in that we provide our beards is crucial. People usually think hot weather makes our beards dry and brittle and causes split ends.

But the truth is, cold, dry air extracts the natural oils of our beard. 

Extremely chilled air or humidity can ruin beard health. It may cause dryness, brittleness, split ends, and frizziness.

You cannot change weather conditions but make a shield on your face that may reduce the effects of these conditions.

The shield could be a great beard oil, serum, or balm (during humid).

What do split ends look like in a beard?

a man with thick beards

If you have seen split-ends in your hair, beard split-ends look similar.

Your beards will look dry, brittle, and split in the ends like an unraveled rope. 

You can feel tangles and frizziness when you run your fingers through your beard. You will not pass your fingers through them.

You can look at the above picture and how dull, frizzy, and beard full of split-ends look.

Can you repair your split ends?

Unfortunately, you can not reverse the split ends of the beard or repair them. No products or tools can cure beard split-ends or make a beard like before.

You need to cut or trim beard split-ends for healthy beard growth.

How do you trim split ends from a beard?

As I said, trimming your beard is the only way to keep split ends at bay.

barber trimming clients beard split-ends

So you should follow the basic steps to trim your split ends to evenly trim your beard without ruining your look.


Start by cleansing your beard to eliminate any dirt or oil from the beard. Beard shampoo or soap will make your beard oil-free and separable.


Pat dry your beard with a towel and make it completely moisture free.


Use a trimmer or sharp scissors and clean them before using. Now take a wooden comb or beard brush, comb throughout the beard, and eliminate frizz, knots, and tangles.


Analyse where the split ends starts and where it ends. Put a comb up to the mark where split-ends are there. Now using a trimmer or scissors, cut the rough, split hair evenly.


The last step is to nourish the beard with some beard oils or balm. Again brush them, and evenly spread the beard oil.

How do you prevent split ends?

Here are some tips and tricks to prevent beard split ends from coming back:

a worried man put his hand on the face

Keep your beard nourished:

Add beard moisturizers like beard oil, balms, and serums to keep your beard hydrated and frizz-free. 

An extremely dry beard can cause split ends and cause brittle, rough, and tangled beard.

Stop washing frequently:

People think a clean beard will help them achieve that fuller look, free from dandruff, oil, dirt, and debris. 

True, but overwashing will strip away the natural sebum required for a nourished beard.

So try to limit beard washing to 3 times a week.

Use quality comb or brush:

Beard combs are so underrated but can do wonders for your beard. It evenly distributes beard oil from roots to tips, enhances blood circulation, and prevents tangles, knots, and split ends.

I recommend you use a good quality beard wooden comb or brush. Plastic ones can cause rough ends, split ends, and static.

Trim using sharp scissors or trimmers:

Regular trimming your beard can save you from having split ends in the beard.

Use sharp, clean scissors or a trimmer and trim your beard every 3-4 weeks.

Avoid frequent use of heating tools:

I know heating tools are loved and give you the best styles, but it is the root cause behind beard split ends.

Use branded or good quality blow dryers and straighteners with heat protectant spray. It will protect you from heat damage.

You can use beard balms or wax to style your beard. They will also give a similar experience to heating tools.

Avoid these elements:

Sun, chilled weather, dirt, and wind can damage your beard. You cannot avoid them but protect yourself through scarf, masks, and beard oil with SPF.

Add nutrition:

Add healthy food rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein to your diet. Our healthy hair or beard are the signs of our body absorbing good nutrients.

But if our body lacks mandatory vitamins, our hair or beard looks dull, frizzy, and broken.

So keep a look at your body, hair, and beard will automatically get healthy.

Best beard oil to prevent split ends

Along with applying the best beard oil for keeping the beard nourished and free from frizz and split ends, keep other factors in your mind too.

Here are some beard oils that I usually recommend for combating beard split ends:


Beard split-ends may occur due to lack of nutrition, excessive usage of harsh chemicals, heating tools, environmental conditions, and improper beard grooming.

Unfortunately, you can not reverse split-ends in your beard and only trim it to get a healthy beard.

You can prevent beard split ends by taking care of your beard. 

Eat a balanced diet enriched with vitamins and minerals, add a proper beard grooming regimen, and avoid excessively using harsh beard care products and heating tools.

I hope you get all your answers regarding beard split-ends. For any other query, you can comment below.


Do split ends stop hair growth?

No split ends do not stop hair growth. Our hair grows from roots, not from the tips. Split ends make your hair brittle and dry. Also, it impacts beard growth because the beard gets split or breaks faster than the new hair grows

Is Vaseline good for split ends?

You can manage the frizz with petroleum jelly, but it will never help you with split ends. The dry, rough hair can look manageable with Vaseline.

Can coconut oil fix split ends?

Firstly you can not fix split ends with any oil. Before using anything, you should trim the split hair. Keep your beard nourished and away from harsh products and tools to prevent split ends.
Coconut oil has moisturizing properties, and it keeps irritation at bay. You can use it as beard oil, but it may not result similarly to beard oil.

Does cutting split ends help beard growth?

Split-ends do impact beard growth. Though, a beard grows from roots instead of tips. Spit ends cause dull, dry, frizzy, and brittle hair in the ends that fall easily before new growth happens. You may have to suffer patches due to beard fall.
Cutting split ends helps the beard grow to its fullest and gives you the desired look. Also, it prevents a dull, dry beard look.

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