the Best beard thickening Creams of 2024,tried & tested

Not every man is blessed with a fuller, thick beard but has to face issues like a thin, patchy beard which looks unprofessional and compromising. Thanks to the beard industry that has made the best beard thickening cream for men, which eases out the struggle in minutes.

The best beard thickening cream would be the one that increases the diameter of each hair strand, thickening your beard and creating a fuller appearance. It will make the beard hair durable with less breakage and split ends. Also, it nourishes the beard and the skin underneath and gives optimal hold with a heavenly fragrance.

If you have a fuller beard but looking for a great hold, check the article best beard balm for a hold. For beginners, check Grownbeard’s complete beard care routine.

We will discuss all beard styling creams and thickening products in this blog. Also, how to choose and use them properly.

What is the best beard thickening cream?

A beard thickening cream resembles a paste or lotion with the consistency between beard balm and oil. It fills in the patchy beard or no beard area by enhancing the hair volume by thickening each strand.

beard thickening cream

Reducing the patchy beard helps to attain a professional look and gives confidence along with the best-styled beard.

The ingredients of beard thickening cream depend on the brand. Some use castor oil, biotin, and essential oils, while some have beeswax, alcohol, and other chemicals.

The best part of beard styling cream is that it gives optimal hold and helps attain a particular shape for hours. Also, a person with a thin beard can achieve their desired voluminous beard with this.

What does beard thickening paste do?

The beard thickening paste enhances the volume of the beard and gives a fuller beard look, but it has so many other benefits that people do not know. Let us discuss them here.

beard thickening paste use

Nourish beard and skin

Beard thickening products generally have natural oils like castor oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil, with some essential oils which moisturize and condition each layer of the beard and the skin underneath.

Usually, when we exfoliate or use beard wash, it rinses our natural skin oils which we can maintain by using these beard styling creams.

Improve beard appearance

Upon contact with the beard thickening cream, dull and frizzy beards get nourishment from within that prevents hair shedding while revitalizing and improving their appearance.

Thicker facial hair growth

The best beard thickening cream thickens facial hair growth, topically and internally. But it depends on the ingredient list a beard thickening cream has.

An ingredient like biotin helps to increase the hair strand diameter and creates a fuller beard look. Also, it nourishes hair follicle, strengthen them and reduce hair shedding.

On the other hand, beard cream with castor oil stimulates hair growth by amplifying activity and circulation of the follicle.

Helps with hold and styling

Beard thickening cream has ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and natural and essential oils.

This ingredient is a perfect blend that gives proper hold to any desired beard style for long hours.

Strengthen follicles

As we already discussed, beard styling cream has biotin, castor oil, butter, and essential oils.

When we use beard thickening cream on our beard and the skin underneath, our skin absorbs the whole product and nourishes follicles and skin from within, making it strong, nourished, and frizz-free.

Reduces patchiness

Patchiness or hair thinning can occur due to chemical-based products, bad routines, low levels of testosterone, or genetics.

Regardless of the reason, biotin-based beard thickening creams, when applied topically, increase the diameter of the hair strands, giving the appearance of a fuller beard.

Also, it fills patchiness to some extent.

Eliminate irritation, itch, and beardruff

Beard thickening products have different oils like jojoba, apricot, peppermint, and much more, which combat all signs of itching, irritation, and white flakes.

Also, these products are free from paraben, sulfate, or other harsh chemicals that prevent itching and irritation.

Smells heavenly

Usually, beard-thickening products come in different fragrances like vanilla, sandalwood, citrus, and many others. Also, it comes in unscented forms for allergens.

The beard styling cream fragrances help to smell heavenly, lift mood and boost confidence.

Top 7 best beard thickening cream

Cremo beard thickening cream review

cremo beard thickening cream

Cremo styling beard cream is our first choice for beard thickening cream. It has all the required ingredients that boost beard growth.

Cremo beard thickening cream promises to add volume to the early beards and gives a naturally fuller look. It turns flat, lifeless beards into glorious ones.

It is easy to grow a beard to its fullest, but without any shape, it looks untidy. Cremo thickening cream helps to give a better shape for long hours. Also, it works as magic while reducing patchiness.

Wahl Beard Creme

wahl beard cream

Wahl beard creme for facial hair is a perfect blend of Sativa seed, jojoba, meadowfoam seed, olive, clove, moringa, manuka, and many other carefully selected oils.

Manuka oil helps to beat beard dandruff and prevent them from coming back. Meadowfoam seed oil is a natural softener that nourishes the beard and skin. Also, maintain their moisture content.

Clove oil is an anti-acne agent and prevents hair loss. On the other hand, moringa oil focuses on strengthening the beard.

2X Thickening BIOTIN Beard Balm for Men 

bbs biotin beard styling balm

BBS(best beard stuff) has one of the best range of beard thickening balm with the goodness of biotin, castor oil, and meadowfoam oil.

Biotin helps to add a fuller appearance to the beard by enhancing the diameter of each hair strand. It gives a thicker beard look to the one having a patchy or thin beard.

Castor oil enhances beard growth and thickens them naturally from within. It also improves blood circulation of the hair follicle and density and protects against heat damage.

On the other hand, meadowfoam oil helps to hydrate facial hair and combat brittleness, tangling, dryness, frizz, and dullness. Also, it prevents oxidation and maintains hair color.

Striking Viking Vanilla Beard Balm

striking Viking beard styling balm

Striking Viking is a natural beard styling cream having beeswax, jojoba oil, argan oil, shea butter, and tea tree.

The company promises to condition, soften, moisturize, and style beards.

Ingredients like shea butter, tea tree, and argan and jojoba oils help hydrate and protect the beard and the skin.

The beeswax formula helps with styling and provides a good hold for hours without any greasy feel and heaviness.

It might not thicken the diameter of each hair strand, but it gives a fuller beard look. Also, it prevents itching and dandruff.

Live Bearded Beard Butter

live bearded beard butter

Live bearded beard butter is one of the best beard creams. It has natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, sweet almond, and grape seed oil.

The main motive of this brand’s beard styling cream is to provide hydration, moisturization, control flyaway hairs, and light to medium hold.

It is not a thickening cream but adds volume to some extent and maintains moisturization with a non-greasy and lightweight formula.

The best part of live bearded butter is it is suitable for all skin types, has natural ingredients, and has a wide range of fragrances.

Woody’s 2-in-1 Beard Balm for Men

woody's beard balm

Woody’s 2-in-1 beard styling balm is one of the most natural beard thickening products with the goodness of beeswax, coconut oil, and panthenol.

You can keep your beard refreshed and revitalized without leaving any visible flakes with Woody’s beard balm.

Natural ingredients fight dryness and frizz while keeping your face relaxed. Also, it contains a hint of grapefruit to keep you refreshed. 

The Man Brand Beard Balm for men

the man brand beard styling cream

The man-brand beard balm is a natural beard styling cream made with avocado oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, rice bran oil, vitamin E, and fragrance oil.

It helps to restore, mold, and shape your beard. Even if you have the driest beard, it can be smoothed, straightened, and styled.

The beard styling balm gets absorbed into the skin and prevents flaking and itching throughout the day.

The natural oil formula nourishes your beard and keeps them conditioned. Also, it reduces tangles and breakages and gives your desired look.

How to use beard thickening paste?

In just four simple steps, you can use the best beard-thickening cream.

beard thickening paste
  1. Scoop out the desired amount of beard thickening cream according to your beard.
  2. Dissolve or rub beard cream between your palms.
  3. Now apply it throughout your beard using your fingers and palm.
  4. Once applied, style your beard using your hands, brush, or combs.

The best time to apply beard thickening cream is after a shower so that your face will be clean and you can get a fuller look without getting acne, redness, or irritation.

Does beard thickening cream work?

The purpose of using beard thickening cream is to reduce patchiness and improve beard appearance by giving it volume, style, and shine.

So I would say beard thickening cream is doing its work of providing hold, volume, and shine. Also, it prevents beard issues like beard dandruff, itching, dryness, and much more.

Beard-thickening products often promise to improve beard growth and regrowth or reduce thin patches. However, beard growth is dependent on a wide variety of factors.

Beard thickening cream will never help you grow a beard because beard health depends on testosterone levels, diet, exercise, habits, ethnicity, and genetics.

You can not depend on a product without working on all other factors. Beard thickening products might help you improve beard texture, but your efforts are required for regrowth.

Side effects of beard thickening cream

There are no side effects of beard-thickening products because they usually contain natural ingredients like shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and much more.

Still, if you have sensitive skin, do a patch test before applying. Also, beard thickening cream has an intense fragrance, which might affect asthmatic people. 

Doing a patch test and inhaling the product at some distance would be enough safety measures one can take.

How to make your beard thicker naturally?

The thickness of a beard depends on various factors we discussed above, like testosterone levels, diet, exercise, habits, ethnicity, beard care, and genetics.

natural beard thickening

Let us discuss all of them in brief:

Testosterone levels: 

Testosterone is a hormone responsible for facial hair growth, heavy voice, sex drive (libido), bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, and the production of red blood cells and sperm.

A high level of these hormones means better facial growth. You can either take medication or maintain your diet to improve testosterone levels.

Balanced diet:

The food we intake plays a vital role in hormone production and nutrient absorption. 

To boost testosterone levels to improve facial hair growth, add food rich in vitamins and minerals for beard growth.

Also, do not forget to include herbs responsible for beard growth.

Exercise daily:

A daily workout is beneficial for facial hair growth and cardiovascular health. One hour of exercise can improve blood circulation, mandatory for stimulating the facial hair follicle.

Also, strength training helps boost testosterone levels. So try to add regular exercise to your regimen or at least four times a week.

Bad habits:

Habits like smoking and late-night sleep can ruin the production of new hair follicles and affects the beard’s health by making it dry, patchy, and lifeless.

So try to avoid smoking and take at least 8 hours of sleep.


Your race can affect beard thickness. Men from Mediterranean countries have thicker beards than that of other regions. You may have seen Chinese people have fewer beards than Caucasian men.

If your ethnicity belongs to some region, it will affect your beard thickness, for which you can not do anything.


Your genes are responsible for your facial hair growth or other features in the body. 

If your father or grandfather had a thick beard, you might have the same, but if not, you can not control it.

Unfortunately, you cannot choose your genetics or ethnicity.

Beard care routine:

You must have a proper beard care routine where you cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your facial hair.

The routine will help to maintain your beard health, stimulate new hair and prevent beard problems like dandruff, acne, dryness, and more.

If you follow the above 7 Steps, you can achieve your thick beard naturally. The topical application of any product has minimal effect on your beard health.

So try to change your habits, eat healthily, exercise, and make new goals for improving beard growth.


The best beard thickening cream will help you with a shiny, fuller beard and gives a fresh and heavenly smell for the entire day.

It might cure split ends and dryness and make your beard nourished. 

If you expect beard growth or regrowth, beard thickening products are not for that purpose. They will only give you a thick, fuller beard appearance for a short period of time.


How can I thicken my beard?

You want to thicken your beard either temporarily or permanently. For temporary purposes, you can use a beard thickening cream which will give a fuller beard instantly and fill patchiness. For a permanent cure, follow a beard care routine, eat healthily, exercise, quit smoking, hydrate, and get enough sleep.

Which cream is best for beard growth?

No cream can improve your beard growth until your body needs nutrition. So before expecting any cream to work, work on your healthy lifestyle. It will automatically increase your beard growth.

Can you thicken a patchy beard?

Yes, you can thicken your patchy beard by applying Beard thickening products like spray, cream, serum, and fibers which will enhance the volume of each hair strand and give you a fuller, thick beard look.

How long does it take to thicken a beard?

Achieving a permanent thick beard requires consistent efforts of a healthy lifestyle, which might take 6-8 months. If you want a temporary cure, you can hide your bald patches using beard-thickening products within minutes.

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