Does brushing your beard make it grow? (expert vision)2024

The most neglected beard tools, particularly when it comes to beard grooming, are beard brushes and combs. Now is the time to add one to your beard regime to improve your facial growth.

Brushing your beard not only helps you with styling but has many benefits. It helps to distribute natural or beard oil throughout your beard, keeping them hydrated and free from dryness and brittleness. Also, it improves blood flow to the follicles, resulting in healthy beard growth.

However, no studies claim that brushing your beard can directly stimulate beard growth, as it depends on many factors.

Keep learning how brushing your beard can help you in many ways. Also, check our best beard care regime and product guide to explore more about beards.

Does brushing your beard make it grow?

No scientific studies claim that brushing your beard is enough to stimulate growth. Brushing your beard is a part of grooming which may support beard growth and appearance at certain levels.

Regular brushing can help to improve blood flow to the hair follicles. The increased blood flow provides more essential nutrients to the hair follicle, which supports better beard growth.

In addition, it helps to distribute beard or natural oil to the beard evenly, making it hydrated and preventing dryness, split ends breakage, and brittleness, which can ultimately lead to a fuller-looking beard.

It is crucial to note brushing alone can not stimulate beard growth. It depends on factors like hormones, a balanced diet, exercise, proper grooming, sleep, and stress levels.

If we conclude regular brushing is a healthy practice for overall beard health and appearance, it is not enough for beard growth. You have to include other factors also to achieve a fuller beard.

What are Brushing beard benefits:

Daily Brushing your beard may not only help to grow a beard at its best, but it has many benefits which you must know:

brushing your beard

Distribute natural oils and products:

The beard product we apply does not spread evenly or is absorbed by the skin underneath.

Regular or combing after applying beard oil helps distribute the oil all over the beard. It keeps your beard hydrated and makes it shinier and softer. 

Also, it reduces frizziness and brittleness.

Prevent tangles and knots:

The surrounding, oil, and dirt can turn your beard full of tangles and knots. Brushing your beard can detangle your beard and prevent knots with few glides.

The beard without knots is easy to manage and style.

Increase blood flow:

Our body parts require good blood flow to transfer the mandatory nutrients and keep the organs healthy.

Similarly, hair and beard growth require some nutrients, which you may get through proper blood flow.

Daily brushing your beard stimulates blood flow in that area and transfers nutrients required to make them healthy and fuller.

Exfoliate skin:

Slow beard growth or dullness can occur due to clogged pores on our skin.

The brushing can help exfoliate the dead skin attached to the skin underneath, which supports beard growth and gives healthy skin.

The best part of using a boar bristle brush on a beard as an exfoliator is it never alters the natural skin oil, unlike other beard scrubs.

Prevent beard dandruff:

Beard dandruff can occur due to fungal infections, yeast growth, dry skin, improper beard care, diet, and harsh products.

As I said, regular brushing on a beard is a great natural exfoliant. It removes dead skin, dirt, debris, and beard dandruff, which may occur due to any possible reasons. 

It is one of the best ways of beard dandruff treatment.

Helps in styling beard:

As anyone can think, brushing your beard can help train your beard to grow in a certain way. It helps to style and shape as you want it to.

Improve appearance:

Regular brushing of your beard helps to groom it properly and gives it a healthy appearance. After brushing, it enhances its volume and gives a fuller, healthier beard look.

What to look for while purchasing a beard brush:

Here are some general guidelines for finding the best beard brushes for men:

boar bristle brush


Look for a beard brush with natural bristles made of boar hair or horsehair, which are gentle on the beard hair and contribute to evenly distributing natural oils throughout the beard.

Shape and size:

The brush size and shape matter a lot. While purchasing, ensure that it is pleasant to use and can reach all parts of your beard. If it does so, better blood flow can be expected.


Look for a beard brush with a pleasant and ergonomic handle, with good grip and control, to massage your beard for an extended period of time.

Brand and Reviews:

Consider selecting a beard brush from a trustworthy manufacturer with positive Online reviews and ratings.


Look for a beard brush under your budget yet matches your wants and specifications.

Everyone has different tastes, and what works for one person may not work for another. As a result, before making a purchase, read reviews and analyze your specific demands.

3 Best beard brushes for coarse hair:

I have listed the 3 Best beard brushes for coarse hair considering the above points:




Seven Potions Beard Brush For Men

Grooved Pocket Beard Brush by Beardgains

Beard Styling Brush by 01

1. Boar bristle brush

2. Tame unruly beard.

3. Prevent beard dandruff

1. Mold, hold, & tame beards

2. Easy Grip

3. Eliminate itching, dandruff

1. Skin-friendly brush hair

2. Ergonomic design

3. Light weight

What is the best way to brush your beard?

Brushing can make you look neat and clean and gives healthy beard only if you use it properly. Here I have shared a step-by-step process to brush your beard in the best way:

best way to brush your beard

Choose the right brush: 

People usually rush while purchasing a beard brush. But choosing the right beard brush is equally important as using it properly.

The beard brush must have natural soft bristles which prevent damage but are firm enough to detangle any knots or snarls.


Our beard has a lot of dirt, debris, and pollution, especially when we return from somewhere. Before nourishing your beard, it must be clean.

Cleanse your beard with a mild beard shampoo or wash to remove any dirt, grime, or product buildup. After cleansing, pat dry them with a towel.


As I told you, brushing is a great way to distribute natural oils. If you apply some extra conditioning beard oil, it will enhance the benefits.

You can use unscented beard oils or beard balms to moisturize your beard. Apply thoroughly from roots to tips and massage for a few minutes.

Brush your beard:

Start by brushing your beard downward, beginning from your jawline and working your way down to the tips of your beard.

Use slow, smooth strokes to avoid pulling or tugging on your beard.

After brushing downward, brush upward, beginning at the neck and moving up toward the chin.

Shape your beard:

Gently direct the hairs into place to form your beard using the best wooden comb. You can also use scissors to cut stray hairs or split ends.

How long should I brush my beard?

There is no specific time for brushing your beard because it depends on the length and thickness of your beard.

However, brushing your beard for at least a few minutes each time is enough. 

Also, make sure to brush all sections of your beard properly, and recommended to distribute natural oils and keep it tangle-free.

You can frequently brush your beard if you have curly beards, as it easily gets tangled and forms knots. 

Brushing beard vs combing

Both beard brushing and combing play a crucial role in beard grooming and keeping them healthy.

beard brushing vs combing

Beard brushing focuses on maintaining a healthy beard by distributing natural oils from roots to tips, improving blood circulation, exfoliating dead skin cells, and detangling knots.

Brushing your beards is basically for every beard type, from short to long, when it comes to grooming and making them knots-free.

On the other hand, combing helps with training your beard in a specific style, detangling knots, and making it look neat.

Combing is probably used by people with curly, long beards, which are more prone to tangles and knots. 

In summary, both beards brushing and combing are crucial to groom, styling, and maintaining a healthy beard care regime. It is a personal choice to prefer anyone according to their beard need, length, and thickness.


Daily brushing of your beard can improve blood flow in that area, hydration, distribute natural or beard oil, and make them free from frizz and dryness. 

Beard brushing can help to stimulate healthy beard growth. However, no scientific study or research claims that beard brushing can help it grow.

According to research, beard growth depends on many factors, like hormones, genes, products, diet, exercise, sleep, and stress levels.

 So we can say one should not depend on brushing your beard to stimulate healthy growth but focus on all factors.


How often should you brush your beard for growth?

If you want to achieve healthy, fuller beards, then daily brushing twice is enough. Over-brushing will affect them badly on the beard. It may enhance split ends, irritate the skin underneath, strip natural oil, and cause static and hair fall. So avoid over-brushing your beard, do it in limit for more effectiveness.

Is it good to brush your beard every day?

Brushing your beard every day is a healthy practice for beard health. It helps to improve blood flow, detangle knots, prevent dead skin cells, and distribute natural oils throughout the beards. All these factors ultimately enhance beard growth. However, beard growth depends on many factors than just grooming.

Does brushing a patchy beard make it grow?

The patchy beards may occur due to genetics, hormonal imbalance, improper grooming, stress, age, nutritional deficiency, and skin conditions. We can say brushing may help you if the reason is improper beard care, but any other reason is not curable with brushing.

Does brushing your beard make it softer?

Yes, it does. Brushing your beard helps to distribute natural oils from the roots to the tips of the beard, making them hydrated, softer and fuller. Also, it works as an exfoliator, which reduces any stuck debris or dead skin from the skin underneath, which tends to produce more oil.

Should I brush my beard up or down?

You can brush your beard downward, from your cheekbone to the tip of your beard. Then upwards, beginning from the neck towards the chin.

Is it better to brush or comb a beard?

It depends on the person’s choice, beard length, and thickness. You can use beard combs to avoid pulling, followed by brushing for long or curly beards. For straight or short beards, you can use brushes directly. The purpose of brushing and combing is slightly different. Brushing helps to maintain healthy beards by distributing natural oils, whereas combs help more with styling.

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