7 Best blow Dryers for beards (exclusive guide)

People with thick beards would agree that having the best blow dryers for beards is crucial, especially when running late.

Beard blow dryer quickly dries out wet beards. Also, it adds volume and makes them more manageable by helping out in styling.

Since we are in an era where finding the right tool is brain-storming. There are blow dryers present in the market which may work well for hair but not for beards.

A man using a blow dryer on his hair in front of a mirror

While finding the best blow dryers for beards, one must check its adjustable heat settings, negative ion technology, weight, and easy usage.

Understanding these terms might be critical for some people, so I have listed the 7 Best blow dryers for beards, considering the above crucial points.

You can go through the entire article, or if you are in a hurry:

You can go with Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer for Beards. It has all the above qualities a blow dryer must have for beards.

Our top picks of Blow dryers for beards


Product name

Amazon Link

Conair hair dryer for beard

Nition hair dryer for beard

Baby bliss hair dryer for beard

Revlon beard dryer

Infinipro hair dryer for beard

Jinri hair dryer for beard

Andis hair dryer for beard

How to pick the best blow dryer for beards

There are a lot of hair dryers present in the market. They might work well on your hair but not on your beard. The hair and the skin on your head are different than your face. 

best hair dryer for beard

You need to choose the correct beard blow dryer with adjustable heat settings that will not damage your beard. 

Follow the below guide before choosing the best blow dryers for beards.

Heat setting:

Providing excessive heat to your facial hair through tools like blow dryers or straighteners can damage it and the skin underneath.

Heat can make your beard frizzy and causes split ends. Also, drying your hair too close to the face can alter the skin’s moisture and makes it dull, rough, and dry.

Always choose the beard blow dryer, having multiple heat settings and hot and cold modes. So that while styling and giving volume, you can adjust accordingly.

Some dryers only come with one heat setting either they give hot air or will get a stop. Avoid purchasing those blow dryers for the beard. They might be cheaper than others but unsuitable for beards.

Negative ion dryer:

Nowadays, most beard blow dryers come with tourmaline, ceramic, and negative ions generator technology. 

These technologies help prevent frizz, dryness, static, and split ends of the beards and make them manageable, easy to comb, and smooth.

Beard blow dryers with negative ion technology are the best for people with curly and thick beards. It helps to ease their combing by smoothening the beard.

Never go with the local, cheap blow dryers. Otherwise, you will miss this crucial setting.

Attachment kits:

Some hair dryers for beards come with attachments like concentrator nozzle and comb attachments. 

The concentrator nozzle helps to dry out or style the areas which are not easy to reach. Comb attachments help to tame unruly hair and easily detangle your curly beard.

Beard blow dryers with these attachments are a must. Why compromise when you can get more features?


The power of electric appliances matters a lot. The best hair dryer for a beard comes in the range between 1300 – 1875watts.

I recommend you to go with the high-power beard blow dryers because they will save time and money and dry out your beard quickly. 

If your beard is thin or small, then a low-watt beard blow dryer is enough, but if you have a thick, curly beard, go with the high-power hair dryers.


There is nothing to discuss. Who does not want handy, light-weighted, and easy-to-grasp tools? 

Choose the beard blow dryer, which is easy to hold and travel and does not give arm fatigue.

Type of cords:

Tools with swivel cords are easy to handle. The swivel cord does not get tangled even if you put it in any manner.

Always choose a hair dryer with swivel cords.


Everybody checks product reviews but still gets confused about which one to choose. It happens because you do not know what kind of reviews to consider.

The number of reviews does not matter, but the quality of reviews over a short period does. Positive feedback from so many people over such a short time indicates a successful product.


Never go with the local, cheap tools. It costs double because they do not last long, and you need to purchase another again.

You must invest one time in branded products. Conair, Nition, Revlon, and Dyson are some best brands for blow dryers.

7 Best hair dryers for beards: Our choice

Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer for Beards

Conair hair dryer for beard

Conair hair dryer is the best choice for beards, made with tourmaline ceramic technology that protects your beard from heat damage.

Also, ionic technology helps to give extra shine to the beard and keep them frizz-free.

It has three heat settings (cool, warm, hot) and two-speed settings (high, low), which makes it compatible with all hair types.

 It comes with a concentrator nozzle, which gives focussed airflow and helps in styling the beard.

For a thin beard, you can use low speed with a warm temperature setting and for a thick and curly beard, go with high speed with hot mode.

The best part of Conair is its cleaning process is too easy, which makes it last longer. The removable filter prevents lint buildup, and you can wipe the outer surface with a dry cloth.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Best for styling beards and hair
  • Heat protectant


  • Noisy
  • The power cord is a little short
  • The attachment pops off sometimes

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer for beards

Nition ceramic hair dryer for beard

Nition ceramic hair dryer is the best choice for those who love portable compact tools. It is a tool that repairs, dries, and styles at one price.

It has an air outlet grill made of ceramic and infused with argan oil, nanosilver, and tourmaline. This infusion helps to repair a damaged beard and makes it shiny, smooth, and healthy.

Nition beard hair dryer has three heating options, a two-speed option, and a cool shot button. Its three attachments (Diffuser, Comb, Concentrator) are best for curly, straight, or thick beards.

It styles your beard in a few minutes without any hassle. The diffuser helps maintain the natural curl, and the concentrator and brush with straightening.

The outer inlet is removable and easy to clean.


  • Low noise
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Three attachments
  • Repairs damaged hair


  • Little expensive

BaBylissPRO Beard hair dryer

Baby bliss hair dryer for beard

Babyliss Pro is the third choice for the best blow dryer for beards. We chose this because it has nano-titanium technology that evenly distributes heat all over the beard. 

The even distribution gives optimal results on beards.

The Babyliss beard dryers distribute negative ions into the beards, which removes static and frizz and adds shine to the beard.

The best part of Babyliss pro is it comes with a powerful motor, yet it operates quietly. Also, the concentrator nozzle helps in styling your beard perfectly.

The removable filter makes the dryer easy to clean tool.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Travel friendly
  • Powerful motor
  • Lock moisture
  • Quiet operation


  • Difficult to untangle cords
  • Little expensive
  • No attachments like comb or diffuser

Revlon Shine Booser Hair Dryer for beards

Revlon blow dryer for beard

Our other pickup is the Revlon shine booster. Revlon hair dryers are best for people who love visiting salons, as it gives a salon-like finish to your beards.

It comes with ion generation technology that prevents hair frizz and locks the moisture giving smooth, shiny beards. The concentrated nozzle and diffuser help in styling.

The three-times ceramic coating prevents heat damage and keeps your beard healthy. The cold shot button gives chilled air to the lock style.

Revlon beard blow dryers have the option of three heat settings and two-speed options. So you can set it according to your beard type.

You can remove the end cap and clean it with a cloth for proper functioning.


  • Featherweight design
  • Easy to hold
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful motor
  • Lock moisture


  • Low power- Good for thin beards
  • The attachment pops off sometimes.

INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Blow Dryer for Beards

Infinitipro hair dryer for beard

Infiniti Pro by Conair blow dryer comes with ionic technology that fights against frizz and adds extra shine to the beards.

The best part of the dryer is it works 50% faster than other dryers and dries hair instantly with no damage.

It comes with three heat and two-speed settings with a cold shot button, which helps to lock the hairstyles.

They provide a concentrator nozzle for a focussed airflow to attain a smooth and sleek finish. Also, the removable filter prevents lint buildup and makes the dryer long-lasting.

Conair is the best choice for any hair type and hairstyle. If you have no idea about a beard blow dryer, choose Conair, it will never disappoint you.


  • Powerful airflow
  • Super easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Faster than other
  • Frizz-free and adds shine


  • Too powerful for fine hair
  • Noisy
  • Little heavy

Jinri Negative Ionic Fast Dry Low Noise Blow Dryer

Jinri blow dryer for beard

Jinri blow dryers come up with ceramic tourmaline ionic technology, which makes them frizz-free dryers and extra shine boosters.

The negative ion technology breaks the water particles of the beard, which evaporates faster and accelerates the drying process.

It has a powerful motor that gives faster-drying facilities, and a cold-shot button helps to lock styles.

Like all others, jinri also has three heat settings and two-speed settings. Also, it comes with a concentrator nozzle, hair pick, and diffusor, which helps in styling all beard types with no frizz. 


  • Lightweight
  • Gradually dries hair without damaging them
  • Powerful motor
  • Fastest drying
  • Multiple attachments


  • Take time to dry thick hair
  • Noisy
  • Cords are not so long (6′)

Andis Tourmaline Ceramic best blow Dryers for beard

Andis hair dryer for beard

Andis hair dryer is the last choice of our pickups. It works on tourmaline ionic technology that keeps hair frizz-free, smooth, and silky with the fastest drying.

Many helpful features are available in this dryer, such as a fast 30-second heat-up time, multiple heat settings, an auto-shutoff, a cool shot button, and multiple air speed settings.

The best part is the motor and heating settings are differently operated, where the motor helps only in cold wind mode and gives instant cooling when switched.

Andis hair dryer comes with concentrator accessories and a comfortable grip.


  • Easy to clean
  • Tangle-free swivel cords
  • Lightweight
  • Travel-friendly
  • Multiple air speed settings
  • Low noise


  • Attachments are weak and fall off sometimes

How to dry beard after shower?

Now that you have chosen the best blow dryer for your beard, you need to know how to use it properly.

A man using best blow dryers for beards

I know you might think, what is there to learn? All you need is to switch it on and start using it. But there is a lot to consider before using. 

To prevent damage to your beard and the skin, follow the below steps for blow drying your beard.

Step 1: Preparing

Yes. Cleansing your beard before blow drying is crucial, otherwise, dirt and debris will remain on your skin and trigger beard acne.

You need to deep cleanse your beard with a beard shampoo for dandruffThe shampoos and cleansers for eliminating dandruff are a little harsher than regular beard shampoo.

If your skin is dry, avoid beard dandruff shampoos and prefer a mild one. You can also follow it with a beard conditioner to prevent frizz and dryness.

Step 2: Pat dry with a towel

Yeah, I know we are always in a hurry and come out of the shower and start dressing.

Does heat damage beard hair?

The answer is yes because your wet beard requires more heat to dry out. Excessive heat sucks the moisture of the beard, making it frizzy and dry and damaging it from within.

The only solution is to pat dry your beard with a towel before using any beard blow dryer. Excessive water will absorb in the towel, and your beard will get dry with minimal heat.

Step 3: Heat shield

To prevent your beard from heat damage, always shield it with a beard heat protactant spray.

It helps your beard by creating a barrier between your hair and the tool. Also, it prevents excessive drying.

Step 4: Blow dry

Now you are ready to dry your beard. 

If your beard is long and thick, make a partition and blow dry them using a beard brush or combs.

It helps detangle your beard and gives a smooth, silky texture.

If your beard is short, hold your blow dryer 15cm away from your face. It can damage your skin and makes it dry. 

With the help of a concentrator nozzle, you can dry your beard with focussed airflow.

Step 5: Moisturize

Lastly, moisturize your beard with a beard balm or beard oil. It prevents your skin and beard from drying out by locking in moisture.

Take a pea-sized beard balm in your palm, rub it and apply it all over the beard. Use a comb or brush and evenly spread it.

Advantages of using a blow dryer on beards

pros of blow dryer

Money and time saver

Having a beard hair dryer at home is nothing less than a blessing. It saves a lot of money you spend in the salon for styling. Also, visiting a salon and waiting for your turn is a time waste.

When you have a blow dryer for a beard, a mirror, styling gel, and some skills are enough.

Dry your beard fast

Who wants to go outside with a wet or semidry beard? It not only gives you a sloppy look but also attracts dirt, pollution, and bacteria.

We are so busy we do not have time to air-dry our beards. People with thick and curly beards struggle a lot while drying their beards. 

A beard blow dryer gives you an instant dry beard with volume and style.

Gives volume

People with the thin beard always face this struggle. Their beard looks flat all the time. A hairdryer for beard facilitates you and adds extra volume to your beard.

Helps in styling

Whether you want a straight, sleek beard or to maintain your curls, a beard blow dryer gives you all styles. 

Most beard dryer comes with concentrator nozzles, diffuser, and comb attachments. These all help you with styling.

Heat setting feature

People have no idea about heat settings. They dry their beards until their face feels that heat.

But the heat setting feature provides you with multiple settings. Even if you have no idea, you will not burn yourself.

Disadvantages of blow dryer for beards

There are a few cons to using a hair dryer, but if you pay attention, you can save yourself.

Dehydrate skin 

Excessive use of hair dryers on beards can lead to dehydrating skin underneath. Hair dryers alter the skin moisture, which is necessary for further growth.

As a result, the hair becomes weak and comes out with combing.

Weaken the hair follicle

If you heat the hair daily, it loses its hydration and becomes weak. People have no idea about heat settings and attachments, so they randomly use them on their beards. 

Due to this, their hair follicles become dry, fragile, and weak. It leads to thinning of hair, patchiness, and split ends on the beard.

Emanate EMF

The electromagnetic field is nothing new. Like other electronic devices like smartphones, hair dryer also emanates EMF.

EMF is harmful to you. It can lead to increase stress levels, irritation, and sleep deprivation.

Using a hair dryer daily can lead to the above conditions.

Tips before using a blow dryer for beard

Consider the following points before using the beard blow dryer:

  • The recommended heat setting for blow drying is 45 degrees. To avoid heat damage, never go beyond this.
  • Always keep a 15cm distance between your face and the dryer to prevent excessive heat.
  • Never use a hair dryer daily.
  • Always pat dry your beard with a towel before using a blow dryer.
  • Use heat protectant spray. It will form a shield that protects your beard.
  • Gradually increase the heat while blow drying. It will help maintain your skin moisture.


Blow drying your beard, even with the best beard dryers, can cause damage to the beard. It strips off the natural moisture of the skin, making it dry.

As a result, your beard hair follicles become weak, full of split ends, and thin.

I recommend using blow dryers and beard straighteners as little as possible, and if using, make sure your heat setting is proper or on air cooling mode.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.


What is the best blow dryer for beards?

Conair and Nition are the best blow dryer for beards. They have all the required settings an ideal dryer must have. They are lightweight, affordable, easy to clean and come with attachments and a hair repair mechanism.

Is a blow dryer good for a beard?

Yes, it is crucial for the beard, but you must use it on a limit. Doing anything excess is harmful to you. The blow dryer helps you with instant drying and styling and saves time. But daily usage can lead to dry, frizzy, and lifeless hair.

Can I Blowdry my beard every day?

I do not recommend you to do so. It can lead to extract the skin moisture and makes your hair follicle dry, weak, and easy to break.

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