7 Benefits of Onion juice for Beard Growth 2024

Onions are always known for enhancing the flavors of recipes. Similarly, using onions for hair regrowth has come into trend. But can we use onion juice for beard growth?

Topically using onion juice for beard growth might help you with patchy beard, regrowth, and reducing beard hair fall. Unfortunately, no study is present to support this fact. But some research states that consuming onions can boost testosterone levels, which drives facial hair growth.

onion juice for beard growth

Though the above research experimented on rats, we can expect the same results as rats and humans are genetically similar. 

According to another study, onion juice helps treat alopecia areata. It is a condition where people suffer balding, patching, and nonscarring hair loss.

When 48 people were divided into two groups and treated with crude onion juice and tap water, regrowth of terminal hair was there in six weeks of people using onion juice twice a day.

So now you must believe onion juice is good for facial hair growth?

No. The hair on your head and your facial hair are different. You can not expect similar things to happen.

But there is a high probability of experiencing beard growth if you consume onions daily. Let us discuss the nutritional facts of onions that supports beard health.

Onion juice for beard growth: Nutrition values

Onion is a vegetable that belongs to the allium plant species. Vegetables like garlic and chives also belong to the same category. 

onion juice nutrition values for beard

They have a pungent smell and medicinal properties.

Onions are of three types white, yellow and red. All of them are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Onions are rich in vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and manganese. Also, they have a small proportion of calcium, iron, sulfur, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and folate.

Vitamin C helps maintain collagen, the building block of the skin and hair. On the other hand, sulfur helps in sebum production and blood circulation and fights against dandruff and dryness.

Folate helps in hair growth and prevents premature greying of hair.

Onion juice benefits for beard growth:

Applying onion juice might not fill the beard patch, but it can help you in several ways. Let us discuss the benefits of onion juice, which promotes beard growth:

onion juice benefits for beard

Prevent beard dandruff:

Beard dandruff is when you feel dryness and redness in your beard coming out with white flakes. 

It happens due to yeast growth on your beard. Yeast growth or Malassezia develops due to a humid environment in the skin or a lack of hygiene which makes your skin red and flaky.

Onion juice contains sulfur, which makes a hostile environment for bacteria and prevents dandruff.

Reverse beard greying:

Onion juice is a complete pack of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants required for healthy, shiny beards. 

Onion juice contains folate or folic acid that helps reduce premature greying of hair and maintains its natural color.

Fight against dryness:

The prolonged use of chemical-based products, polluted environment, heating tools, and improper diet are some reasons behind dry beards. 

You even suffer breakage, split ends, and whatnot.

Again, onion juice has sulfur which maintains sebum production. Sebum is a natural oil that moisturizes the beard and skin underneath.

Also, it prevents dryness, split ends, and breakage.

Improve blood circulation:

Any body part, including hair growth, needs proper blood circulation.

Massaging onion oil on the beard and the skin helps to improve blood circulation in that area and promotes better beard growth.

Add shine to the beard:

Excessive use of the chemical-based product, sun exposure, and improper diet ruin the shine and texture of the beard. 

Onion juice or onion oil for beard growth can help to maintain the skin’s PH level. The proper PH level helps rejuvenate new hair follicles and promote beard growth in better quality.

Also, better beard texture means better shine to the beard.

Prevent beard loss:

Using onion oil for beard growth is a wise decision. It might not help you fill the patches, but it prevents further beard loss.

Beard loss can occur genetically, internally, or due to external factors.

If your ancestors do not have thick beard growth, there is a probability you will replicate the same.

Internally, you might be deficient in some vitamins and minerals or have low testosterone levels, which impact your beard health.

Externally, sun exposure, wrong beard care product usage, habits, and diet impact your beard health.

If your problems are external or internal, onion oil for beard growth can help you. Sulfur and vitamin C improves collagen production, which is associated with healthy beard growth.

Improve skin underneath:

Onion juice or onion beard growth oil helps to nourish skin deeply and works like a conditioner. It smoothens the hair and moisturizes the skin underneath.

It helps to maintain the skin’s PH and make it fertile to grow a thick beard. It prevents dryness and itching and makes it suitable for hair follicles.

Does onion juice help in beard growth?

It is difficult to say whether onion juice helps in beard growth because no study has proven the fact yet.

onion juice for beard growth

There are studies present that support using onion juice for hair regrowth. But the hair on the head and the face is different. You cannot use the same concentration of products on both. 

Facial skin is more sensitive than the scalp. It might affect you negatively. So what is the solution?

If you are not allergic to onions and bear the smell of them, you can try them. Make sure to use onion juice in diluted form even if you are not allergic. Do not rub the onion slice directly on the face.

Wait for two months after applying it alternatively. If you observe any beard regrowth, then continue the usage. If not, drop the idea.

Two to three months are enough to judge any product. 

It may not help you with extreme regrowth, but it will help you in many ways. It is rich in beard vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

So even if you do not get to fill your beard, it will help you maintain your skin’s PH levels, eliminating dandruff and dryness, adding shine to the beard, and reducing premature greying.

According to medical news today, onion consumption can increase testosterone levels. 

Testosterone is a hormone responsible for beard growth. When testosterone levels are low, people suffer from thin and patchy beards, while when testosterone levels are high, the opposite is true.

Studies have shown how your beard growth depends on dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production.

So if you cannot bear the smell of onions on your face, consume them in your diet or try other natural remedies for beards. They will help you with beard growth.

How to prepare onion juice for beard growth?

There are three ways you can extract the onion juice. 

how to extract onion juice

1- Take an onion, cut it into pieces, and boil it in water. Let the mixture boils for 10 minutes. Strain the water and apply.

2- Take an onion, grate it and add some water. Strain the whole juice and then apply.

3- Cut an onion into pieces and grind it in a mixture with some water. Strain the juice and apply.

Out of three, grating the onion and extracting the juice is the best way to get the benefit of onion juice because boiling onions might lose the mandatory property.

Similarly, a mixing jar also ruins its property to some extent.

How to apply onion juice for beard growth

Firstly, never use onion juice in concentrated form to avoid any allergy. Always dilute it with some water and then apply. 

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Try to make a fresh one always. Storing onion juice for a long time can extract its property and become toxic.

You can fill the juice in a spray bottle and apply it to your beard. The smell will not cling to your fingers in this way.

Or you can take a cotton ball, dip it into onion juice and apply. You might have to bear with the smell, but fingers can massage it well.

Let it be there for an hour, then rinse it with mild beard shampoo.

Never leave your beard wet. Always pat dry it with a towel and dry them with beard blow dryers.

How long does onion juice take to grow a beard?

To get the benefits of onion juice for beard growth, you must wait for at least 8-9 weeks before judging it.

The thing is, a product requires this much time to adjust or give visible changes to you.

 If you do not get any results after eight weeks, you can switch to onion beard growth oils. They have onion properties along with other beneficial ingredients required for beard growth.

Is onion juice safe for the beard?

There is a say things that you can eat is safe to apply. In the case of onions, they are also safe but getting teary eyes is common.

In some cases, if you are allergic to onions, you might have to face itching, burn, and hair fall. 

You can do a patch test in case you do not know whether you are allergic. 

If you are already suffering from the above conditions, wash your beard immediately with beard wash.

Still, if you do not get relief, consult the nearest doctor.

Onion juice recipe for beard growth:

We have already discussed the benefits of onion juice for beard growth. What if I say you can enhance the effect by adding a few things to onion juice?

Here I am going share a Homemade onion juice beard mask for improving beard growth:

  • Onion and ginger juice for beard growth
ginger and onion juice for beard growth

Like onions, ginger is also a boon for beard growth. It has gingerol that helps to improve blood circulation by relaxing blood vessels.

It also contains essential fatty acids and minerals for nourishment and combating dryness.

The relaxed blood vessels enable nutrition to absorb better.

Also, its antiseptic and antifungal property makes it suitable for combating beard dandruff and hair loss.

For making Onion and ginger juice for beard growth:

  • Take an inch of ginger and grate it. Extract the juice from the grated piece.
  • Take an onion juice that we extracted by any of the above processes.
  • Add an equal quantity of both and dilute it with some water.
  • Take a cotton ball, dip it and apply it to the whole beard for 40 minutes.
  • Rinse it thoroughly with mild beard shampoo.
  • Castor oil and onion juice
castor oil and onion juice for beard growth

Everybody is aware of castor oil benefits for beard growth. The combination of ricinoleic, oleic, linoleic, and stearic fatty acids makes it an excellent moisturizer for beards.

Ricinoleic acid prevents skin inflammation and irritation. The oleic acid prevents early signs of skin and hair aging.

At last, linoleic acids are beneficial for preventing beardruff, skin flaking, and dryness.

For making castor oil and onion juice for beard growth:

  • Mix castor oil and onion juice in 1:2 proportion. Castor oils are slightly thick in consistency, so do not overuse them. It will not spread evenly.
  • Or add 2-3 drops of castor oil in 3 tbsp onion juice.
  • Mix it and apply it for at least 20 minutes.
  • Then rinse it with a mild shampoo.

Other alternatives for beard growth

If you are a beginner, you can go through the beard care guide for thorough knowledge about beards.

People who can not bear the smell of onions near their nose can switch to other effective products for beard growth.

1. Peppermint oil for beard growth:

peppermint oil for beard growth

Peppermint oil or essential oils are the concentrated forms of peppermint leaves. According to some research, peppermint in 3% dilution can stimulate hair follicles.

Peppermint oil helps improve blood circulation and increases follicle size to promote beard growth.

To make peppermint oil in 3% dilution:

  • Take a 1 oz. Dropper bottle, add 18-20 drops of peppermint essential oil.
  • Fill the remaining bottle with jojoba oil, and shake well.
  • Apply this oil like your regular beard growth oil to improve beard growth.

2. Tea tree oil for beard growth:

tea tree oil for beard growth

Tea tree oil has derived from tea tree leaves found in Australia. It is antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial, making it a complete package to combat beard dandruff, itching, and dryness.

It acts as a conditioner and helps to stimulate beard growth, prevent acne and improve blood flow.

To make tea tree oil for beard growth:

  • Take 1oz of coconut or jojoba oil and mix with 10-12 drops of tea tree oil.
  • Your tea tree oil for beard growth is ready to use. Apply daily like your beard oil.

3. Some best beard growth serums:

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Beard growth serums are alcohol-based extract that helps to improve beard thickness, strength, and density.

The best part is they contain similar ingredients like onions, jojoba oil, tea tree extract, and vitamin e that you use in homemade recipes.

Beard serums penetrate deeper into the skin, stimulate the hair follicle, and boost beard growth. 

Plus, you do not need to worry about storage, they last longer than your recipes, and you don’t need to bear the smell.

Onion juice for beard growth results:

Onion juice for beard growth might be a viable option to improve your overall beard.

If your motive is to reduce beard hair fall or regrow your beard patch, onion juice might not help you.

Onion juice will help you to improve blood circulation, dryness, dandruff, and premature greying. But it will not promises you regrowth.

You can try alternatives like peppermint and tea tree oils for beard regrowth. 

I hope you all get your answers regarding onion juice for beard growth. For any query, leave your question in the comments below.


When Should I Use Onion Juice in My Beard?

You can use it 2-3 times a week for 2 Months, then give it a break for two weeks. After two weeks, start using onion juice on the beards again.

How can I get rid of the Onion Smell From My beard?

You can wash your beard with lime juice or apple cider vinegar to remove the smell.

What Onion type do I Use?

There are three types of onions; red, white, and yellow. It does not matter at all which onion you are using. Each one will similarly benefit you.

Should I leave onion juice on my beard overnight?

If you can bear that smell, then you can. But it is not required to put it so long. 40 minutes are enough to grab the benefits.

What are the side effects of Onions?

You might have to suffer teary eyes. Or if you are allergic, irritation, redness, and hair fall are common side effects.

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