Reasons why mustache doesn’t grow in the middle 2024

For a man, having a thick mustache is a symbol of masculinity. Unfortunately, not everybody is blessed with the desired beard and mustache. They suffer many beard problems.

Many people suffer from beard dandruff, red bumps under beard, and dullness, and some men’s mustache doesn’t grow in the middle.  

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So what???

We should stop embracing ourselves. No!

We have two options. Either we can embrace our mustache gap like celebrities, or we can find a solution to hide our embarrassment.

Celebs like Jason lee, Liam Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, Post Malone, and Leonardo DiCaprio are some examples who are confident enough about their looks with mustache gaps.

Why don’t we accept ourselves as we are? It is because the more you focus on something, the more vast it becomes.

Whenever you focus on your mustache gap, it appears large, and you feel some problems with it. 

Guys, it is normal to have that mustache gap, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. It happens due to the size of the philtrum

The philtrum or cupid’s bow is the area just below the nose. Some people have a small philtrum, and some have a large philtrum.

Since the hair growth in that area is less, people with larger philtrum have to face the mustache split in the middle.

People with small philtrum cover that area even with a thinner mustache.

In this article, we will discuss the real cause of why the mustache does not connect in the middle and how we can tackle this naturally and temporarily.

my mustache doesn’t grow in the middle?

No research suggests the reason behind mustache separation.

mustache doesn't grow in the middle

As I already discussed, the whole thing depends on the size of the philtrum. The size of the philtrum or cupid’s bow depends on genetics.

Genetics is responsible for your mustache gap. If your father or grandfather had a mustache gap or thin hair growth, there is a high probability you will also replicate the factors.

People with small philtrum have no gaps between their mustaches, even with normal beard hair.

But people with large philtrum area suffers from mustache split in the middle even if they have a thick beard.

You do not have control over your genetics. But there are a lot more factors that help best beard growth.

I agree you can not decrease the size of your cupid’s bow. But you can work for your mustache hair so that you can hide the gap.

You can eat food and vitamins that support beard growth. You can avoid smoking if you have any smoking habits and many more.

We will discuss these factors in another section of this article. 

What are the stages of a mustache?

stages of mustache

The stages of mustache include three phases: Anagen, catagen, and telogen.

Before explaining the phases of a mustache, we should know why knowing this is important.

The thing is, we become impatient, especially during the growth phase of our mustache. To properly understand mustache growth, you need to understand what is going on under the skin.

Phase1: Anagen

During this phase, our mustache can grow 1cm every month.

Expecting more than 1 cm growth is like putting pressure on a mustache by pouring different products.

Phase 2: Catagen

The anagen phase can last from a few months to one year before the catagen phase.

During this categen phase, the growth of the mustache is at rest. No further beard growth happens during this time.

Phase 3: Telogen

The catagen phase lasts for a few weeks before entering the telogen phase.

In the telogen phase, old follicles get replaced by new ones. The Follicle loses strength and falls during catagen, making room for new ones to grow.

Now you get your answer, why your mustache growth stops and falls out after some time?

The hair on the head and face are totally different. They both have different phases of growth.

Why can’t I grow a full mustache?

As promised, we will discuss the other factors responsible for your mustache growth. So here we go.


Age is one of the common reasons behind the thin growth of mustache and beard.

When a boy hits puberty at 13 or above, he faces changes like a dense voice and thick hair growth on different body parts like under the armpits, on the face, and in public areas.

If you belong to the teenage group and want a full-grown beard, wait for the right time.

Puberty revolves around hormones. How can you expect a full mustache if there are no hormones that promote beard and mustache growth?


We all have heard about testosterone and its importance for beard growth.

There is one more hormone known as DHT(dihydrotestosterone). An enzyme called 5 alpha-reductase covert the testosterone into DHT.

The amount of testosterone and DHT directly affects hair and beard growth in men. Higher the amount of these hormones in the body, the thicker the growth of hair and beard.

Some people have genetically higher levels of these hormones. As a result, they have thick beards and hair at an early age.

The best part is you can improve testosterone levels naturally by eating right and exercising. 

It is a say that lifting weights helps boost hormones because you eat a good amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats for recovery. 

Also, it helps to improve metabolism.


Stress is a common factor in day to day life of everyone. People are now more conscious of their looks than before.

Even a teenager wants to look at its best in Instagram reels. Having a full mustache and beard has become a need.

Unfortunately, stress goes hand in hand with testosterone levels and can affect your beard health.

You have to be patient during the growth phase of your beard and in your day-to-day life. Stress can destroy the winning game.

Here is the time when meditation comes into play. It is a therapy for your stress. Meditate for at least 15-20 minutes every day.


A peaceful sleep can heal everything from stress, fatigue, and ill health.

Sleep helps to rejuvenate cells and repairs the body itself. 

It relieves stress, helps absorb body nutrients, and improves body function. Sleep can help you indirectly with your facial hair growth.


Do not find a reason to exercise, as it is like oxygen. It is your body’s need that you have to give for proper functioning. 

If you exercise at least three times a week, you can prevent all sorts of diseases and stay fit. Also, it improves blood circulation in the whole body.

We all know blood circulation is required to keep our hair and beard healthy and strong.


Make a balanced nutrition chart that promotes healthy beard and mustache growth.

Adding fruits, vegetables, and legumes high in nutrients is required to fulfill any micronutrient deficiency.


When we talk about mustache growth factors, we can not ignore genetics importance.

Genetics plays a vital role in mustache growth in the middle. If your father or grandfather had a thick mustache, then there is a high possibility you will receive this trait.

You must value the family tree while knowing the true potential of mustache development.


Beard growth or mustache growth also depends on the region you live.

It is a fact that people of Mediterranean countries have thicker growth on the neck, cheek, and chin than that of other regions.

You have seen Chinese people have thinner facial hair than caucasian people. It proves how region plays a role in the growth of facial hair.

How to fix the mustache gap?

Firstly, a mustache doesn’t grow in the middle is natural, not any disease or deficiency.

mustache does not connect in the middle

There are no such treatments available for it.

Some temporary and permanent ways might help you to hide the gap in your mustache. Do not expect you can permanently fill the mustache gap in the middle with these ways, as it depends on various factors.


Dyeing your beard is one of the easiest ways to avoid the mustache gap. All you need is one shade darker color than your mustache and fill that gap.

It will look like a naturally grown beard. 

Though this idea is temporary and you have to face the issue every three weeks but is the fastest way. You can check the best beard dyes here.

Beard Fiber spray

Yes, you heard it right beard fiber spray is the second fastest solution for a mustache that does not grow in the middle.

All you need is to spray the fiber on your whole mustache. The fiber spray thickens the hair and fills that gap. It is as easy as it sounds.

But again, it is a temporary idea. You have to spray this when you step outside.

Faking mustache

In this way, you will grow your beard and mustache optimally. Use a comb and a beard wax gel to turn your mustache inward so that your natural mustache covers the crevices.

It looks natural because you are using your beard hair.

Using derma roller

A-Derma roller is a tool with hundreds of micro needles ranging from 0.25 to 0.75mm. This tool works on the phenomenon of acupuncture.

You have to use this tool in the area where hair growth is weak. It will poke that area and improve circulation and collagen production.

This tool even works on the dormant beard follicles and stimulates overall growth.

Keep one thing in mind if you have never used a derma roller, please either watch some videos or ask your friend for help. 

Otherwise, you will end up hurting yourself.

Using beard oils

Beard oil can help you in many ways. From moisturizing to beating against any beard problems like beard dandruff, itching, and dryness.

We do not promise that beard oil will fill gaps in your mustache, but it can help you get a thicker beard that hides your mustache gap.

Beard oils are the perfect combination of carrier oils and essential oils. You can purchase it online, but I recommend you make your own.

The problem with beard oils present in the market is they contain a lot of chemicals with those oils that can reverse the game.

Balanced diet

When anything flops, food with lots of vitamins and minerals comes into play. There are a lot of food items present that promote beard growth. 

Vitamins and minerals like biotin, vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc, sulfur, and protein can help you with thick growth.

Food items like eggs, sprouts, oranges, potatoes, brazil nuts, beef, olive oil, and cruciferous vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals we discussed above.

Does minoxidil help the mustache gap?

Minoxidil is a scalp hair-loss drug. Nowadays, people are using it on their beards too. They have found good results in filling their beard patches.

Minoxidil might help you to get back your lost hair. But we have not lost the hair between the mustache, it is a natural gap.

I would never recommend minoxidil for a mustache that does not connect in the middle.

Firstly, it has a lot of side effects like skin irritation, shedding, dry and scaly skin, dizziness, weight gain, and hair color change.

Minoxidil is not for everone. You must consult your doctor before usage.


My mustache doesn’t grow in the middle. If you have the same issue, either fix it or embrace it confidently.

To fix the mustache gap, you can try different things like derma roller and beard oils, and make sure you do not skip your balanced diet full of nutrition.

For instant results, you can try beard dyes or beard fiber sprays to fill the gap in the mustache.

I hope you got all your query resolved regarding the mustache gap. Let me know in the comments if anything is left.


How long does it take to fill a mustache?

If your mustache does not connect in the middle, it is a natural thing. It happened because of genetics, and you cannot change it.
So the answer is never. You can never fill that gap naturally. All you can do is go with temporary things like dyeing, shaving, or beard fibers.
If you have any issue like beard thinning or beard falling, you can fill it back with proper beard care.

How do I prevent the mustache gap?

As I discussed, you cannot prevent it because it is not a disease but a natural thing. You can only hide it through your mustache growth or dyes.

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